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Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report 2022/23

Salesforce Org Automation Analysis | First Edition

A detailed look into hundreds of Salesforce orgs to uncover the health, complexity, and utilization trends across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Discover a view into the Salesforce ecosystem that’s never been seen before; one that tangibly relates the objects, triggers, and workflows in your org, to better business results for you and the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

    Who’s this report for?

    • Salesforce consultants will find a deep dive into utilization trends of workflow, processes, flow, and triggers that will help them build more accurate and comprehensive technical debt remediation plans for their customers.
    • Salesforce users will learn how to identify “risky objects” and rank their Salesforce orgs in comparison to ecosystem benchmarks, helping prioritize and gain buy-in for technical debt remediation efforts.

    What’s behind the data? 

    The Hubbl Diagnostics Benchmark Report draws data and analysis from the aggregated metadata scan results collected from hundreds of Salesforce orgs. 

    Analysis of the metadata scans has helped us uncover how organizations are actually using the Salesforce platform and allowed us to baseline the ecosystem.


    “Our results show the average org has at least 125 hours of technical debt analysis work ahead of itself. It’s imperative that organizations catalog the state of automation in their org, prioritize, and plan their technical debt remediation efforts.”

    Mike Bogan
    Director Product Strategy, Uncommon Purpose


    A snapshot of our key findings: 

    Primary Contributor 

    Michael J. Bogan, PhD, Director of Product Strategy at Uncommon Purpose

    Michael Bogan is an entrepreneurial scientist and inventor who pursues innovation acceleration via the application of cloud technology. In addition to his contributions to the scientific community as a Staff Scientist at Stanford University/SLAC National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and as the Director of Development at IonDx, Mike spent the last nine years as a Salesforce Director of Research and Development at Traction on Demand. While at Traction on Demand, Mike led the architecture for hundreds of successful Salesforce implementations and contributed critical expertise to Salesforce platform solutions, such as Net Zero Cloud (2019 Partner Innovation Award). 

    Mike is now the Director of Product Strategy at Uncommon Purpose, a product development organization with a mission to reinvigorate the Salesforce ecosystem with solutions that bring greater clarity and efficiency to business. 

    About Hubbl Diagnostics

    Hubbl Diagnostics is an org intelligence product developed by Uncommon Purpose for the Salesforce ecosystem. Hubbl Diagnostics is on a mission to help people get ahead of our ever-expanding org complexity by providing the broadest, most actionable insights. 

    About Uncommon Purpose 

    Uncommon Purpose is more than a tech company, more than an incubator and more than a venture capital firm. Uncommon Purpose generates ideas that can be turned into dynamic business solutions. We do this by focusing on the potential of our people.

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