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Peer into your Salesforce org like never before.

How to identify tech debt and org complexity in minutes.

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We’ve taken a look into the state of automation within the Salesforce ecosystem, uncovering some surprising health, complexity, and utilization trends. 

“Our results show the average org has 125 hours of technical debt analysis work ahead of itself. It’s imperative that organizations catalog the state of automation in their org, prioritize, and plan their technical debt remediation efforts.” 

- Mike Bogan, PhD (Director of Product Strategy at Uncommon Purpose)

What you'll learn

During this 45-minute webinar we’ll walk you through our key findings including:

  • How to identify “risky objects”, technical debt, and complexity within your Salesforce org, helping prioritize and gain buy-in for remediation efforts.
  • Key utilization trends of workflow, processes, flow, and triggers and learn how to effectively resource for upcoming flow migration efforts.
  • Salesforce org benchmarking data to start ranking orgs according to ecosystem-wide best practices.

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